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Do you think that because you are buying a newly built house you can safely skip the home inspection in Los Angeles? What a waste of money it would be, I mean it is a brand new house right? What could go wrong? Oh let me count the ways.

1. Here is the big one. Home inspectors have found many instances where the builder has overlooked connecting the houses sewer line to the outgoing sewer. That leaves all of the waste from the entire house collecting under it. What a simple home builder los angeles but horrible thing. How much would it cost to fix that stink and would you want to still live there anyway?

When you have a new home built you expect it to be perfect and complete. The truth is that the people that are building your home have the same tendencies towards carelessness and lazyness as everyone else. They make mistakes too and are just as likely to say things are "good enough" and let those mistakes slide as anyone else.

Sorry to disappoint. But home inspections of brand new houses commonly find a variety of problems that are the result of carelessness, laziness, or just plain old "we don't have to redo it because no one will notice till we are long gone" attitudes. These problems are easily corrected when found early and then fixed by your builder, as opposed to you just after the warranty has expired.

3. "Yah, the bank and county codes and requirements will surely find and correct any issue during construction." Well the bank is just there to check that the different phases of construction are completed not that they were done correctly. As for the county guys, they are stretched super thin and will not be there to catch everything that can go wrong before problems are hidden from view. Having an independent inspector visiting regularly during construction is the best and most affordable answer.

You can see that there are many things that can go wrong with a house even when it is being built by a top notch builder. Equipment can be damaged. Incorrect installation of various materials or simply overlooking the completion of important items can cost a home owner lots of money and frustration down the road when these things should be corrected by the builder for nothing. 

A home inspection in Los Angeles can be done during or after construction and is the best way to give yourself complete piece of mind.

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